system design

August 23, 2019

Techniques And Technologies To Combat ‘Mis- & Dis-information’ In Open Internet

The purpose of this research is to enables technology companies in identifying the right balance of freedom of expression and access to authentic information for the viewers.
June 3, 2019

A System Design For A Collaborative Ecosystem Based On Trust Within The Cyberspace

The purpose of this research is to suggest and evaluate the design of a system architecture for virtual collaboration on Cloud, to strengthen the trust assurance among its users. In the proposed design architecture, the cloud system architecture leverage software services in a way where both, the main systems and sub-modules perform commensurably to achieve trust assurance. The evaluation of the system architecture exposes the applicability of the proposed architecture and how it augments the virtual collaboration on Cloud for trust assurance. and explanation of computing science through, the conceptual analysis of the available relevant literature on system theory and Latour's actor-network theory. The conceptual framework is applied to assess information security and artificial intelligence of expert systems (AI) and electronic voting systems (security). Lastly, this study concludes with the outlining the importance of awareness of ethical implications of informed and related sharing of responsibilities.