Cyberspace has become an integral part of the modern society, which impacts every facet of our life from the electrical grids that power millions of homes to the transportation and telecommunication networks that mobilize and connect people.

Cyberspace is considered a heaven of opportunities to spur innovation, create competitiveness, and make impact on socio-economic development in the global village. However, with the multitude of benefits, it also harbors stringent challenges which could undermine the security and privacy of individuals, governments, and organizations alike.

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Thinking in Cyber, Influencing the Perspectives

Focus Areas

We perform research, studies, consultation, scientific and professional activities in the following areas, but not limited to:


Cyber Warfare and its Countermeasures


Cyber Governance and Harmony


Cyber Security Awareness, Training, and Education


Corporate Cyber Espionage and Countermeasures

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